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Omega-3s & Choline for Brain Performance
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Brainiac® Brain Bars® are a delicious, chewy, whole grain and prebiotic snack bar for a healthy brain and happy gut. Made with a blend of all organic certified gluten free oats, puffed quinoa, chia seeds and pea crisps. One bar packs as much lutein (the good stuff we need for healthy vision!) as a cup of raw spinach, and provides 100 mg of Omega-3 ALA and 55mg of choline to help support focus and memory at work or in the classroom!

Chocolate Chip Nutrition Information

Apple Cinnamon Nutrition Information

Made with All Natural, Organic Ingredients

Unlike your typical bar which is usually packed with brown rice syrup, soy, and rice flour, Brainiac® Brain Bars® are made with all natural, organic ingredients that actually benefit your brain and mind.

  • 100MG Omega-3 ALA and 55MG choline to support memory, focus & mood
  • Purity Gluten Free Oats
  • 10g Whole Grains for sustained energy
  • Prebiotics for a healthy gut
  • Puffed quinoa and pea crisps (no rice fillers)
  • Absolutely no fake sweeteners
Breakfast Bars, School Snacks & More

Brainiac® Brain Bars® are the perfect breakfast or quick snack that you can easily throw into a gym bag or backpack for a brain boost or sustained energy when you need or the kids need it the most. 

What Snackers Are Saying

Kids Love It

We eat it in the morning or afternoon and also like crumbling it over ice cream or yogurt.

Elliot G.

A Great Afternoon Snack

I like that these bars are an easy delivery method for Omega-3, and beneficial nutrients.

Emily P.


Perfect size snack and good aftertaste. Loved the chunks of apple in the apple cinnamon bar!

Victoria M.
What kind of Omega-3s are in Brainiac® Brain Bars®?

Brainiac® Brain Bars® contain Omega-3 ALA from organic chia seeds. Omega-3 ALA is one of the most critical nutrients for brain development. To learn more about the benefits of Omega-3 ALA, visit our Brain Nutrients 101 page.

Are Brainiac® Brain Bars® Gluten Free?

Yes, Brainiac® Brain Bars® are gluten-free and made with Purity Oats. Brain Bars® are also free of the FDA's top 8 allergens.

Are Brainiac® Brain Bars® safe to bring to school?

Brainiac® Brain Bars® are a nut-free recipe so they are lunchbox and school safe!

Please note if you have a nut allergy: Brainiac® Brain Bars® are made in a facility where nuts can be present.

Why do the Brainiac® Brain Bars® have a golden color?

Our Brain Bars® contain Lutein, a superfood for brain and eye health. Our lutein is sourced from hand-picked marigold flowers which have a beautiful golden color that give lutein and our bars the same golden hue.