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The Deliciously Easy Way To Nourish Your Brain

Our brains need nutrients like Omega-3s and Choline to thrive, but we're not getting enough of these nutrients from our every day foods. That's unless you're eating salmon, broccoli, eggs and sardines every single day but we sure aren't. So we made snack favorites like fruit pouches and peanut butter, snacks we actually enjoy and boosted them with the right amount of brain-boosting nutrients so you get what you need, without having to think about it. 

Not Your Average Peanut Butter

Squeezable, spreadable, individually packaged delicious peanut butter spread with brain benefits. Every pouch contains brain-boosting Omega-3 DHA, Omega-3 ALA and choline, and is Non-GMO, gluten free and soy free. Easy to throw into a bag or pocket for on the go snacking. Enjoy as a stand alone snack or drizzled on toast or fruit to add a boost of brain fuel. 


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A Smarter, Healthy Applesauce

Brainiac® Smart Squeezers Applesauce is the greatest parenting hack: a familiar healthy snack kids love, supercharged with our BrainPack® — a blend of nutrients for developing brains. Each applesauce pouch contains 160mg of Omega-3 DHA/EPA, 120mg of choline and 25mg of Vitamin C, essential nutrients critical for developing brains. You’ll never want to settle for a pouch of ONLY smashed apples again. 


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What Customers Are Saying


Peanut butter has a nice taste and and texture. It’s more of a thinner creamy texture, and spreads nicely. The honey taste is not overwhelming either, nice and subtle! You can tell it’s not something super processed which I love!

Kendra A.

Great Buy! 

This stuff has been awesome for my 4.5 year old. It tastes great and helps him get the omegas he needs. I have seen a huge difference after him taking this each morning.

Jessica K.

Delicious and nutritious! 

Great buy! Hubby and cousins love snacking on applesauce and this one absolutely did the trick. No added sugars is a benefit I'm always geared towards and this brand manages to keep it healthy and great tasting all in one.

My family is pretty healthy, so why should I care about snacks that have an added brain boost?

Most kids (and a lot of adults) aren’t getting nearly enough of the foods that are considered “brain foods” i.e. foods packed with nutrients that are super important for the brain like Omegas-3s and choline.


That’s because these are found in things like salmon, liver, broccoli and brussels sprouts. Yep everyone’s favorites.


In fact, the World Health Organization recommends that kids ages 4-8 get 200-250mg of Omega-3 DHA/EPA a day. When on average both kids and adults are getting about 20% of the recommended nutrition for a healthy brain. 


Brainiac® snacks aren’t a replacement for eating salmon and broccoli, but they’re definitely a great little secret weapon for getting in a boost of brain fuel.

Why are Omega-3 DHA, Omega-3 EPA, Omega-3 ALA and choline so important for childhood and teen brain development? What does the science say?

There’s a broad and growing body of research that supports the cognitive benefits of Omega-3 fats and choline in brain development – including their impact on both learning and memory – throughout childhood and adolescence. That’s because Omega-3 DHA, EPA and ALA nourish the brain, helping neurons to grow and form new connections that promote cognitive functions. And choline is a key component of acetylcholine – a critical neurotransmitter which helps the brain send signals throughout the body and also plays an important role in cognitive functions.

Do Brainiac® snacks contain gluten/dairy/soy/GMOs?

No, our Applesauce and Peanut Butter Spread is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and Non-GMO

What age can I start feeding Brainiac® snacks to my child?

Brainiac® was created to nourish the brains of kids and teens to help support their brain development and growth.


The American Academy of Pediatrics approves adding yogurt and no-added sugar fruit purees to a baby’s diet starting after six months of age.


The American Academy of Pediatrics approves of introducing allergenic foods, including peanuts, eggs, and fish, at 4 to 6 months of age. 


Always consult your medical practitioner regarding questions around allergens. 



Do Brainiac® snacks contain any added sugar?

Brainiac® Applesauce does not contain any added sugar – we rely on the natural sweetness of apples.

Brainiac® Peanut Butter Spread contains a small amount of added sugar from natural sources, honey and cane sugar – 3g in our Honey Peanut and 5g in our Chocolate Peanut.

Why Does Brainiac® use palm oil in their Peanut Butter Spread?

Brainiac® uses an Organic, non-GMO, RSPO-Certified Palm Oil in our peanut butter spread to limit the amount of oil separation in the product. This makes our peanut butter easy to squeeze directly from the pouch for an on-the-go snack without an oily mess. 


Brainiac® is committed to sourcing ingredients responsibly, which is why we use a palm oil that RSPO Identity Preserved. This is the highest level of certification provided by RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), identifying palm oil that is sourced directly from individual farms. This certification ensures we are using a responsibly and sustainably sourced form of Palm Oil that benefits local farmers and encourages environmental diversity and organic agriculture.