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Brain Nutrition
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Brain Food for Your Little Brainiac

During their first year of life, babies get their important brain nutrients like Omega-3s, choline & lutein from breast milk or fortified formula. But once they’re off it—then what? Know many 2-year-olds who love oily fish? Or flax? (We don't either.) 

That’s why we worked with today’s top pediatricians & neurologists to craft a recipe that’s good for their growing minds—and tastes great going down. (Read: these pouches are mom-tested & toddler-approved.)

What We're Not: Brain Squeezies are intended to be a tasty and convenient way to give your toddler a brain bite...we're not trying to be a replacement for your thoughtfully prepared meals (no matter how much ends up on the floor).

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The Nutrients That Matter

This one-stop-snack nourishes with wholesome, organic ingredients like apples, pears & spinach, and nutrients like Omega-3s & choline for big ol’ brain-growing goodness.

  • Omega-3s - brain building blocks
  • Choline - connects the brain's information super highways
  • Lutein - for healthy brain & eyes 
  • Vitamin C - supports immunity
Why Brain Food
FACT: Kids' Brains Never Stop Developing

Fun fact: Just like we need protein for strong muscles and calcium for our bones, our brains need foundational nutrients like Omega-3s and choline. And this isn't just true for the first 1000 days. Our kids' brains actually continue developing until well into their teens. And toddler years (especially the toddler years!) are an absolutely critical time for their brain growth.

Not-so-fun fact: Most toddlers only get 20% of the recommended daily intake of Omega-3s, the most important building blocks of the brain*.

That’s precisely why we formulated Little Brainiac Fruit & Veggie Squeezies with our proprietary BrainPack, a blend of DHA/EPA and choline to support the development of big, healthy brains.


*Daily Adequate Intake Recommendations for Omega-3s and Choline: Based on World Health Organization/FAO UN and National Institutes of Health. Consumption data sourced from What We Eat in America, NHANES 2015-2016.