This Yogurt
Builds Brains

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Brain food kids
and parents love.

Brainiac® Kids whole milk yogurts supercharge kids developing minds with brain fueling nutrients they need like Omega-3 DHA and choline. Kids love the taste and don’t even realize we’ve snuck in brain fuel and use less sugar than the leading kids' yogurts.

  • Pediatrician Approved
  • 25% less sugar^
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Kosher

^One 4 oz serving of Brainiac Kids contains 9g of sugar compared to the leading kids' yogurt which contains 12g of sugar

Why Brainiac® Kids?

Our kids’ brains are developing rapidly way past the first 1000 days, but most aren’t getting the brain fuel they need to reach their full potential. Every serving of Brainiac® Kids yogurt contains the BrainPack® - a proprietary blend of brain nutrients including Omega-3s and choline to supercharge kids' developing brains.


On average kids only get 

20% of their daily Omega-3 DHA needs*


With Brainiac® Kids products kids get up to 80% of their daily Omega-3 DHA needs

Every serving is packed with key brain building nutrients.

Omega-3 DHA
Brain Building Blocks Omega-3 DHA is an essential building block of brain cells that ensures normal development. It makes up to 15% of a child’s brain.
Super Highways Connectors. A critical component for connecting our brain’s information ‘superhighways’.
Chart explaining nutrients of Brainpack
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I struggle to get nutritious food in my child and since we were introduced to these new products, my daughters been hooked and suddenly interested in all the other foods she refused prior!

— Renata (mom of two - CA)
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We typically think about calcium for bones, or protein for muscles, but I love that Brainiac Kids is thinking about nurturing my kids brain too!

— Stephanie (mom of three - TX)
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