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Brainiac® snacks pull double duty; they satisfy cravings and feed your mind with brain-boosting super nutrients.

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Brain Nutrition
Developed with Leading Doctors & Nutritionists
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Nutrients You Eat, Not Take

Sure, you can take yet another vitamin OR you can get the same nutrients from delicious snacks your body can actually absorb. 

All Brainiac® snacks have been developed in partnership with neurologists, nutrition scientists and dietitians to fuel your brain and body with Omega-3 fatty acids, choline and lutein, critical brain nutrients you're probably not getting enough. Why? Because who's actually eating dark leafy greens, broccoli and salmon every day? Not us. 

Why Brain Food
Smarter Bars with a Brain‑Boost

Omega-3 ALA and choline—two essential nutrients scientifically studied and shown to support brain health—can only be acquired through food or supplements. They’re also conveniently found in every Brainiac Brain Bar, along with super nutrient lutein to support healthy vision and protect against blue light.

Omega-3 ALA - The Building BlocksAn essential fatty acid derived mostly from plants, that supports the growth & development of a healthy brain. 

Lutein - The ProtectorAn antioxidant found in the brain and eyes that supports a healthy brain and vision.

Choline - The ConnectorA critical component for connecting our brain’s ‘information super highways.’ 

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Not Just Another Squeeze Pouch

Chances are even if you don’t have picky eaters, your child likely isn’t getting the daily brain nutrition they need for a thriving, happy and healthy mind. That’s because these important nutrients are really only found in things like fatty fish, liver, broccoli, brussels sprouts and eggs—a lot of the foods on kids' "yuck" list.

Brainiac® Applesauce contains these critical nutrients that have been scientifically tested to support brain health. Because we think it’s time that snacks stepped up for growing brains.

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