Brainiac® Availability
Where can I find Brainiac®?

Brainiac® Applesauce is available at Walmart nationwide, Publix, Meijer, Amazon and Thrive.

Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread is available at Whole Foods nationwide, Amazon and

Please check our store locator for additional availability.

The BrainPack® Essentials
What is the the BrainPack®?

The BrainPack® is a one-of-kind blend of Omega-3s including DHA, EPA and ALA, as well as Choline. These are key nutrients that support brain development.

Why does the BrainPack® vary across Products?

We craft each of our products carefully to provide meaningful amounts of brain fueling nutrients, with a laser focus on delicious taste. Depending on the product type we may use different sources for Omega-3s or other nutrients, which can lead to slight variations of the BrainPack across product lines.

What are the sources of Omega-3 DHA, Omega-3 ALA, Omega-3 EPA and choline in the product?

For our yogurts, our Omega-3 DHA is made from algae. Fish get their high levels of DHA from eating algae, and our algae-derived DHA is one of the richest sources of DHA on earth. It’s a non-GMO and vegetarian source, and is sustainably sourced in the USA. Our Omega-3 ALA is derived from flaxseed, and is non-GMO and sustainably sourced in the USA.

For our applesauce, our Omega-DHA/EPA is from encapsulated fish oil. Our encapsulated fish oil is sourced from a supplier in North America and is certified Kosher.

Our choline is USP Verified, non-GMO and sustainably sourced in the USA.

Brainiac® Applesauce Squeezers
Does Brainiac® Applesauce contain any of the 8 major allergens?

Yes, the Omega 3 DHA/EPA in our product is sourced from fish.

What is the shelf life of Brainiac® Applesauce?

Brainiac® Applesauce can be enjoyed for up to 12 months. You can find the "Best By" date stamped on the back of every pouch.

How should I store Brainiac® Applesauce?

The product can be stored and enjoyed at room temperature. It’s also tasty chilled or frozen! Refrigerate after opening and consume within 24 hours.

Are any of the ingredients included genetically modified? If so, which ingredients – and how are you able to state that the brand is certified as non-GMO?

Brainiac® Applesauce does not contain any genetically modified ingredients – we have had this validated by the leading third party, by becoming Non-GMO Project Verified. Brainiac® Applesauce is also certified Kosher and free of artificial ingredients.

Does Brainiac® Applesauce contain any added sugar?

No, Brainiac® Applesauce does not contain any added sugar we rely on the natural sweetness of apples.

Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread Ingredients
How long can I keep my Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread?

As with any product made without artificial preservatives, we recommend eating our nut butter by the Best By Date (which is printed on the back of every pouch).

Once opened, Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread should be consumed within 24 hours. Please refrigerate after opening.

Are any of the ingredients included genetically modified? If so, which ingredients – and how are you able to state that the brand is certified as non-GMO?

Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread does not contain any genetically modified ingredients – we have had this validated by the leading third party, by becoming Non-GMO Project Verified. Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread is certified Kosher and free of artificial ingredients.

Is Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread Gluten Free?

Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread is gluten-free. They are also animal-free, soy-free and dairy-free.

Does Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread contain any of the 8 major allergens?

Yes, Brainiac® Almond Butter Spread contains almonds (tree nuts). For a full list of ingredients, please reference the Brainiac® Almond Butter packaging.

Why Does Brainiac® use palm oil in their Almond Butter Spread?

Brainiac® uses an Organic, non-GMO, RSPO-Certified Palm Oil in our almond butter spread to limit the amount of oil separation in the product. This makes our almond butter easy to squeeze directly from the pouch for an on-the-go snack without an oily mess. 

Brainiac® is committed to sourcing ingredients responsibly, which is why we use a palm oil that RSPO Identity Preserved. This is the highest level of certification provided by RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), identifying palm oil that is sourced directly from individual farms. This certification ensures we are using a responsibly and sustainably sourced form of Palm Oil that benefits local farmers and encourages environmental diversity and organic agriculture.

Brainiac® Nutrition
What is your response to FDA’s new guidance on Lead in Baby Food?

Founded by two Dads, our mission at Brainiac® is to provide delicious, nutrient-dense foods to nourish every brain. We know that lead is naturally occurring in the food we eat, some foods more than others, due to soil health & the impacts of global pollution. We celebrate the FDA’s recent proposal to reduce the limits of lead in baby & toddler products, but we’ve chosen to go one step further. In addition to being USDA Organic & Non-GMO, Brainiac® has partnered with Clean Label Project and has been awarded their coveted Purity Product award. 

Clean Label Project goes above and beyond FDA regulations to set strict standards and limits for contaminants like heavy metals. Partnering with Clean Label Project means our products are tested yearly by an accredited, third party lab for over 400 contaminants. Little Brainiac® Fruit Veggie Squeezies have been awarded the Clean Label Project Purity Award. To be a Purity Award winning product, the product's cumulative contaminant test results must be in the top 1/3 of the category.  

In addition to partnering with Clean Label Project, we’ve developed & follow strict sourcing guidelines. We choose to use ingredients known to have lower levels of heavy metals; avoid ingredients (like rice) high in heavy metals; and carefully choose the region of origin for our fruits & vegetables. Moreover, the fruits & veggies included in Little Brainiac® pouches are tested for potential contaminants prior to use.

We want to make it easy for every family to feed & fuel their brains. Packed with clean ingredients & nutrients like Omega-3s and Choline, it’s never been easier to build brain development into your toddler’s routine!

Why are Omega-3 DHA, Omega-3 EPA, Omega-3 ALA and choline so important for childhood and teen brain development? What does the science say?

There’s a broad and growing body of research that supports the cognitive benefits of Omega-3 fats and choline in brain development – including their impact on both learning and memory – throughout childhood and adolescence. That’s because Omega-3 DHA, EPA and ALA nourish the brain, helping neurons to grow and form new connections that promote cognitive functions. And choline is a key component of acetylcholine – a critical neurotransmitter which helps the brain send signals throughout the body and also plays an important role in cognitive functions.

How much Omega-3 DHA/EPA, Omega-3 EPA, Omega-3 ALA and choline should kids and teens consume every day?

Experts agree that kids and teens need significant amounts of these nutrients in their diets every day. The World Health Organization recommends that kids and teens (between the ages of 4 and 15) get between 150 and 250mg of Omega-3 DHA/EPA daily. The US National Academy of Medicine further recommends that kids and teens get between 900 and 1,600mg of Omega-3 ALA and between 200 and 375mg of choline daily.

How big is the gap between what kids and teens are getting versus what they should be consuming every day?

Children and adolescents aren’t getting close to the daily recommendations for Omega-3 DHA/EPA or enough choline. Based on the biannual USDA NHANES What We Eat in America (WWEIA) Study and the World Health Organization’s Adequate Intake recommendations, the average US child through their teen years is only getting 20% of their adequate daily intake of Omega-3 DHA/EPA. And based on WEEIA and the US National Academy of Medicine’s Adequate Intake recommendations, average US children through their teen years are only getting about ⅔ of their daily adequate intake of the critical brain nutrient choline.

Why are kids not getting enough of these nutrients in their diets?

Kids need to eat more of the whole foods that are good sources of these key brain nutrients – like salmon, broccoli and brussels sprouts – to help feed their brains. But the reality is, it’s tough to get kids to eat these foods in the right amounts, and sometimes to get them to eat the right foods at all.

What is choline? What foods can it be found in?

Choline is an essential nutrient that is a precursor to a number of vital molecules in the brain, including acetylcholine – the most important neurotransmitter, which sends signals throughout the body and plays an important role in cognitive function. It can be found in foods like liver, broccoli and eggs.

What are the Omega-3s DHA, EPA and ALA? What foods can they be found in?

The Omega-3s DHA, EPA and ALA are important fats that help nourish the brain – ensuring that neurons (or brain cells) grow and expand and form new connections that are vital to cognitive functions. In fact, DHA comprises up to 15% of a child’s brain. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in foods like salmon, brussels sprouts and flax seeds.

How will Brainiac® support kids’ brain development? What data do you have to support this? How were you able to determine its efficacy?

As neurologists, nutrition scientists and pediatricians have found, kids’ brains continue to develop well into adolescence and their teenage years –  developing memory, emotions and executive functions like planning, organizing and completing tasks. There’s a broad and emerging body of nutrition research that points to the benefits of Omega-3 DHA/EPA, Omega-3 ALA and choline in helping to develop our kids’ intellectual and emotional well-being and set them up for lifelong success. Every Brainiac™ product contains the BrainPack®, a one-of-a-kind blend of Omega-3s and choline, to feed the brain and support the development of memory, emotional intelligence and focus in the classroom.

Are kids better off consuming sources of Omega-3s and choline from foods that are rich in these key nutrients? What is the benefit of consuming Brainiac® as opposed to whole foods rich in these nutrients?

We encourage parents to provide their kids critical nutrients from whole foods that are naturally good sources of brain fuel – like salmon, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. But the reality is, it’s tough to get kids to eat enough (or any) of the foods that nourish their growing brains. Each serving of Brainiac® Applesauce is like feeding your child 1 small salmon filet for Omega-3 DHA/EPA and 2 cups of broccoli for choline. Parents understand that kids love snacks, and it’s great for many occasions – from breakfast to a snack in the lunchbox, to a recharge after the big game. It’s an easy way to help parents ensure that their kids get the key nutrients they need to feed their brain while eating something they already love.

What nutritionists, pediatricians and neurologists did you work with to develop this?

We put together a Science and Nutrition Advisory Board with leading nutrition scientists, pediatricians, dietitians and neurologists, including Dr. Laura Jana, MD; Jill Castle, MS, RDN, LDN; and Dr. Stephen Zeisel, MD PhD. The whole team can be found on our About Us page.

What age can I start feeding Brainiac® to my child?

Brainiac® was created to nourish the brains of kids and teens to help support their brain development and growth. The American Academy of Pediatrics approves adding yogurt and no-added sugar fruit purees to a baby’s diet starting after six months of age.

Brainiac® Packaging
Is Brainiac® packaging recyclable?

Brainiac® is proud to partner with How2Recycle, a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions. To learn more about which parts of our packaging is recyclable, visit our How to Recycle page here.