11 Brand-New Foods a Dietitian Wants You to Try

Brainiac Kids Yogurt makes this dietitian's list of must try new foods!

Brainiac™ Kids Partners with Good Eggs to Bring Brain Food for Kids To Families throughout the Bay Area

Brainiac™ Kids Whole Milk Yogurt Is Now Available on Good Eggs, The Online Bay Area Grocery Delivery Service.

VIDEO Meet Brainiac™ Kids

Brain Food for kids: 'We need to be Captain Obvious'

Brainiac™ Kids: ‘We’re the first food-based brain nutrition brand’

A Bay-area based start-up founded by two food industry veterans is injecting functionality as well as fun into the kids’ yogurt segment – one of the few bright spots in an otherwise sluggish category – with the launch of Brainiac Kids; whole milk yogurts, tubes and drinks on a brain health platform.

Brainiac™ Kids Delivers First Food-Based Brain Nutrition, Reimagining the Yogurt Aisle

New Brainiac™ Kids Whole Milk Yogurt Provides Key Nutrients Kids Need -- But Aren't Getting Enough of -- to Nourish Their Developing Brains.

DHA Benefits: How DHA Helps Your Child's Brain

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid found in the brain. It influences brain functioning in many ways, such as sending messages throughout the brain (called neurotransmission) and growing new connections and pathways for those messages (called neurogenesis).

What is Choline?

Choline is an essential nutrient, which means it must be obtained from the diet. Although we produce a small amount of choline in our liver, we don’t make enough to meet our nutritional requirements.