Are all products eligible for points?

Yes! Anything you purchase online will earn you 1 point for every $1 spent.

How do I redeem my points?

You can do this a couple of ways. Using the green Rewards button on the bottom left of our site will open up the Brainiac Club launchpad. If you’re not signed in already, go ahead and click Sign In. Once signed in, click the green “Redeem” button to see available rewards. You’ll receive a unique code to input at checkout.

Can I redeem points for discounts in stores?

Yes! When you redeem for discounts you will receive a unique online discount and a link to input your mailing address to receive a $5 off any Brainiac multipack mailed directly to you.

Make sure to check out our Store Locator before you shop!

Multipacks include:

  • 10-pack applesause
  • 16-pack applesauce
  • 18-pack Fruit Snacks
  • 6-pack Little Brainiac Fruit + Veggie Toddler Pouches
  • 6-pack Little Brainiac Fruit + Oat Toddler Pouches
When will I receive points after referring a friend?

Once you shared your unique link or entered your friend’s email address, they’ll automatically get $10 off their first order. If your friend makes a purchase, you will then receive an email with a $10 off coupon.

How fast will my points be available?

Any points earned should be available in your account within 24 hours of completing any activity.

Do points expire?

Rewards points expire after 365 days.