12 / Chocolate Chip
12 / Chocolate Chip
12 / Chocolate Chip
12 / Chocolate Chip
12 / Chocolate Chip
12 / Chocolate Chip

Brain Bar™

Chocolate Chip

Our Chocolate Chip Brain Bar™ is made with a blend of purity oats, puffed quinoa, chia and pea crisps in a delicious, golden whole grain snack bar. With 100mg Omega-3 ALA from organic chia seeds, 55mg of choline, 3mg of lutein and prebiotics, our Brain Bars™ and great for your brain, eyes and gut. Formulated specifically without brown rice or brown rice syrup and with 10g of whole grains, they make an easy breakfast, lunchbox essential or afternoon pick-me-up to supply those whole body nutrients when you need them the most.




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Pack Size: 12 Pouches
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Smarter Bars with a Brain‑Boost

Bar fans can now enjoy their favorite snack packed with brain‑boosting nutrition to satisfy cravings they didn’t even know they had. Your brain needs specific nutrients to thrive, so we created our BrainPack® — a proprietary blend of Omega‑3s, choline and lutein — with just that in mind. And if you need more reasons to believe...

Organic Ingredients

Gluten and Soy Free

10g Whole Grains

Nothing Artificial

Nut Free & School Safe


The Nutrients for a Healthy, Happy Brain

Every Brain Bar™ is supercharged with our BrainPack® to provide meaningful amounts of critical brain fueling nutrients like Omega‑3 ALA, lutein and choline.

Omega‑3 ALA

The Building Blocks

An essential fatty acid derived mostly from plants, that supports the growth & development of a healthy brain. Learn More >


The Protector

An antioxidant found in the brain and eyes that supports a healthy brain and vision.


The Connector

A critical component for connecting our brain’s ‘information super high‑ways.’ Learn More >

We Pack Brain Nutrition Into Every Serving

A daily snack that fuels the mind as well as the body.

Brainiac® Brain Bar™

Omega‑3 ALA 100 MG
Choline 55 MG
Made With Pea Syrup

Typical Snack Bar

Omega‑3 0 MG
Choline 0 MG
Made With Brown Rice

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